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Fullmers landscaping designs were formulated with a New Zealand eco-minded feel and appearance. The fullers landscaping design award winner, Sydney-based designer Alice Conti has put together a range of designs for the small and large garden which follow sustainable principles and reduce its impact on the environment, she says.

Conti says that a 50cm by 50cm by 1 metre 'gateway' hedge, which she has designed for small gardens, could make a handy backdrop to a fence.

"It provides a nice, easy space to sit and rest your coffee or eat your lunch in," she says.

She also designed a water feature, a small group of palm trees and the fence that surrounds it as well as a number of shade-friendly garden beds.

Conti, a qualified landscape architect, says many of the designs were inspired by the forest gardens that her family and friends had built in their gardens. She has spent the last six years developing her passion for garden design and implementing sustainable principles in her design process.

Conti was taught landscape design in high school and became interested in creating landscape and garden design during her student years.

She was also fortunate to have had guidance from local landscape architect, Robbie Rees, who was influential in the early design of the Castle Hill Village Green.

"Designing spaces for people creates spaces for themselves," Conti says.

She recently graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and is now working in a professional and research-based role at Landscape and Nursery Products Pty Ltd.

A design similar to Conti's 'Tree House' was recently chosen to become the feature design for a new boutique gardening store, located in Westfield Parramatta.

The fullers landscaping designs that are an elegant yet low-maintenance way to add greenery to any small

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